Warwick’s management failed to even offer a single word in defence of their proposed changes to Statute 24 at the recent staff Assembly meeting.

The changes, which will gut job security at Warwick – and have already been condemned by numerous departments for infringing on academic freedom – were voted against by the largest, most democratic body of academic staff on campus, the Assembly. Staff voted 97% against the changes.

Astonishingly, management failed to muster a single person to defend the indefensible reforms. Even management knows the obvious: that there is no argument imaginable for gutting academic freedom, stifling debate, and creating huge job insecurity at Warwick. They refuse to debate these reforms in an open forum, and prefer to use back-door methods to railroad the changes through.

This shameful process of ‘reform’ has exposed the undemocratic nature of management rule at Warwick. These reforms are bad for everyone: for students, academic staff, and the University’s reputation as a whole. We can and must stop them. If management won’t see reason, students and staff will forced to take more drastic measures.

To find out more about the reforms and how to help stop them, see here. To read an in-depth analysis of the likely impact of the reforms, and how similar proposals have been defeated at other universities, see here.


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