The Centre for Applied Linguistic and the Centre for Education Studies have condemned the proposed gutting of Statute 24. In an identical motion passed by both departments, academics noted that the proposed changes would “expose individuals to job insecurity if their academic priorities and/or ideologies differed from those of their line managers, and would therefore stifle debate”.

The two departments argued that, “Detailed procedures about academic grievance, dismissal and redundancy should not be moved from Statute to HR policy, precisely because the latter can be easily changed without recourse to debate among those stakeholders currently represented by the University Council. Procedures in Statute form a stable part of terms and conditions of employment, whereas procedures in HR policy would not.”

CAL and CES join Warwick Law School in a growing list of Warwick departments which have slammed the changes working their way through Warwick’s governance structures.

The changes will undoubtedly negatively impact academic freedom and job security at Warwick for our academic staff. To find out more about the reforms and how to help stop them, see here.

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