Response to Accusations of Attacks on Nigel Thrift

A comment on the Coventry Observer article published earlier today:

This is the first time that Warwick for Free Education has been made fully aware of the ‘spitting’ and ‘death threat’ levelled at Nigel Thrift. We want to make it clear that these incidents have no links to WFFE in an official capacity and we in no way celebrate them.

However, we feel that these revelations further highlight the widespread dissatisfaction and anger towards Nigel Thrift and his behaviour as VC, and would like to take this opportunity to remind people that these views have been held since long before the establishment of WFFE. We must also not forget that a historic Vote of No Confidence in Nigel Thrift was recently passed overwhelmingly through our highest level of student democracy.

Further to this, it would seem that university management are becoming more hypocritical day by day – during the summit Nigel Thrift called us ‘yobs’, compared us to ‘children’ and patronisingly dismissed our actions as having no value. Yet now, in what is clearly an act of desperation, they are attempting to paint us as a group of violent criminals who bully and intimidate on a daily basis.

We absolute refute these absurd claims and will not allow our protest to be delegitimatised by them.

And finally, contrary to the suggestive tone of the article, and despite Nigel’s bizarre requests that we attend his house for supper, WFFE have absolutely no desire to go anywhere near his residence…

Recording of the ‘yob’ incident here.
Full video of the protest summit here.

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