VIDEO: Nigel Thrift Calls Students “Yobs”

We’ve just got hold of some footage which shows Sir ‘No Confidence’ Nigel Thrift call us “a bunch .of yobs”.

The comments were made on Thursday 12th at the end of the Warwick Summit on Protest organised by the Warwick Human Rights Centre to address the issues raised by the police attack on a peaceful sit in on December 3rd last year.

This comment distills the patronising and dismissive attitude sustained by management throughout the entire summit and demonstrates the total contempt they feel for their students.

Nigel’s comments are symptomatic of the lack of regard shown toward students, increasingly conceived of as nothing more than passive consumers.

It seems that objecting to being CS gassed and threatened with tasers makes us “yobs”. If that is the case, we’d rather be yobs than authoritarian managers who run universities like businesses and treat angry students like an irrelevant inconvenience.

After the summit we went an finished off our sit in at Senate house, which had so rudely been interrupted last year.

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