Teach Higher Outsourcing Scheme Advertising Gaffe


There is an advert on the Uni’s new Teach Higher page for a lecturer job – paying £5 an hour…

The Teach Higher trial scheme hasn’t started yet, and as far as we can tell the MA it references doesn’t exist. Not to mention it’s illegal to employ under the minimum wage. So it seems that this advert is yet another Warwick uni PR gaffe. 

But this gaffe is illustrative.

We know that the purpose of Teach Higher it to worsen the conditions of precarious academic workers in order to lower the cost of teaching. It is, absolutely, outsourcing. The low pay and exploitation of hourly paid staff is already a reality – with many staff being paid below the minimum wage once preparation time is taken into account.

There is no £5 lectureship. But unless we organise to oppose teach higher, conditions not unlike this are likely to become the norm. Solidarity with staff, we will support you in any way possible!

More info can be found on this FACE (Fighting Against Casualisation in Education) blog and on the Independent here.

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