Bristol UCU have released a statement of solidarity with Warwick UCU’s fight against reform to Statute 24, which will crush academic freedom, destroy employment protections, and worsen teaching quality at Warwick. See the statement below:

University of Bristol UCU expresses its solidarity with Warwick UCU in its ‘Save Our Statue’ Campaign.

Warwick University’s statue reforms, the repealing of current provisions for redundancy, discipline and dismissal, effectively making it both quicker and easier to sack academics, are a blow to academic freedom and job security at Warwick University and Higher Education in general.

They represent yet another example of a UK university’s callous disregard as regards protecting staff from the whims of unaccountable academic management.

Warwick’s disgraceful institutional behavior in the Docherty affair in 2014-15 clearly did not serve as much of a lesson.

Bristol UCU asks that the reforms are withdrawn as soon as possible and joins with its sister Warwick branch in advocating the continuance of the current Stature 24 at Warwick

Find out more about Statute 24 reform and how you can get involved here.

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