Low Pay in HE


New research by the THE has shown that only 10% of UK Higher Education insitutions pay all staff the living wage.

Back in Febuary we revealed that the living wage is not paid to many members of Warwick staff.

“A recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed that at least 241 workers who have been employed on campus for 6 months or more are not paid the living wage. This puts us a long way into the shameful group of 39 UK universities who have more than 100 staff on less than the living wage.”

Warwick says it does not recognise the living wage as a benchmark for fair pay, and instead pays a ‘bonus’ to all staff who fall below the living wage on average. This is unacceptable, and vulnerable to deliberate confusion. And so we are repeating our demand that the univeristy immediately commit to becoming a living wage employer.

In the context of TeachHigher, the a disgraceful refusal to pay a living wage is evidently not the only way in which Warwick exploits its staff. Low pay is increasingly being combined with highly casualised employment.

This issue effects both academic and non-academic staff, and we should be clear that we have solidarity with both. It is not only seminar tutors who are under attack, but also conference staff and others, who allow our univeristy to function.

We can see two clear national trends: a widespread disregard for the living wage, and increasingly precarious employment for academics.

Sadly, Warwick is at the forefront of both.


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