Students Against Injunctions – Silent Demo in University House


WFFE activists are currently holding a silent demonstration inside university house in solidarity with students at UAL and against the use of injunctions.

In December, Warwick’s occupation was ended by an injunction. Today, we see UAL students in court facing a similar situation.

Warwick’s injunction targeted two students for unlimited legal costs and forever prohibits “occupation-style protest” on campus. It – and all injunctions like it – is grossly authoritarian, and worthy of the utmost condemnation.

This is why WFFE has felt the need to establish our solidarity with UAL students, and highlight the totally unacceptable and yet increasingly common practice of undemocratic managers using expensive legal instruments to prohibit the expression of dissent on campus.

We want to reiterate our support for UAL students in their fight against foundation course cuts. These cuts will directly damage access to Higher Education, particularly for those from less privileged backgrounds and oppressed groups. Foundation courses and programs like them are absolutely fundamental to our understanding of Free Education. Students are absolutely right to be standing up against these attacks.

We cannot allow protest on campus to be prevented by managerial dictatorships.


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