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Luke Dukinfield

milliband and thrift

Labour proclaim themselves as a party of the people, and yet don’t allow students in to an election talk on their own campus unless they’d been pre-selected from a privileged elite clique.

Let’s dispel the myth that Labour care for people, that they’re pro-worker and not, as they stated, “aggressively pro-business” (i.e. pro the capitalist class) and especially that they care for young people, whose benefits they have threatened to cut if jobless, just as they promise a paltry concession of 6K fees for students.  A reduction in fees is immaterial; it does not alter the fact that we will be economically encumbered by tens of thousands of pounds of debt, and forced to forfeit a portion of our income through a Graduate Tax, for seeking out the betterment of ourselves and society through education.

Whilst you shake hands with the same Vice Chancellor who’s mediating the massive exploitation of our staff whilst his own obscene pay aggrandizes year on year, disregarding student welfare in the wake of police brutality, and resorting to fabricated claims of personal attacks and harassment to delegitimize a struggle for liberated and free education, denigrating his own students as yobs, we’re still suffering.  We’re still suffering in the wake of an increasingly bleak, precarious job market enforced by austerity and neo-liberal economics.  We’re still suffering within the sterilized, desolate building site that defines our campus, incessantly establishing new conference and corporate space as Warwick Conferences usurp our SU for their own ends.  We’re still denied, excluded, disparaged, extorted, exploited, operationalised by our consumptive habits, relegated to our human capital, pursued by security, bludgeoned by police, oppressed, forgotten, afflicted, lost – did you comment on this Ed?  Did you think of us as you shook Thrift’s hand and delivered your speech to the elite few?  Did you think of the people not in that room?

Amid your talk of ‘British principle’ did you think of those in Calais subject to degradation and violence in the makeshift camps, did you think of the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who will be further restricted access to resources, provisions and benefits, such as University, by your policies – benefits reaped through their continued oppression?  As you made your tour of the grandiose halls of WMG, did you see the pools of oil staining the walls?  Did you see our suffering in the shadows and recesses of its splendour?  Did you think of us in the midst of your orchestrated speech and lustrous rhetoric?  Did you feel our stress, our pressures, our worries, our anxieties, our despair, our dejection, haunting the radiance of these buildings?  Did you feel our turmoil as we struggle through a frenzy of revision which calculates, assesses, determines our worth, our entitlement to a future that has already been taken from us, that is already indentured, monopolized, commodified, owed to another?  Did you hear the tumult of our thoughts, did you hear the tempests beyond the comfort of this room, beyond these police lines?

Do you hear us, see us, feel our hardships, our struggles?  Are we an afterthought in the revision plans for trident?  Are we a thought at all, except as we are productive?  How dare you step on this campus, shielded by those who assaulted and throttled and arrested and traumatized us, who persecute the most marginalized in our community every day – how dare you come wreathed in the spectres of our pain.  How dare you come with your hollow promises, entreating us to vote for you, when you have betrayed us, and care nothing for our suffering.  Warwick, for you, is a site of prestige which you can exploit to further your election campaign, to advance a political gambit enveloped in illusions of Tory antithesis.  For us, it is pain, raw and chronic, overwhelming yet unseen.

Do you hear us, see us, think of us?  If you will not hear our voice, do not expect our vote.  Do not expect our allegiance.  Expect nothing but resistance.  The only ‘socialism’ you have ever mustered has emerged from the organized, militant struggles of the working class and oppressed.  We do not seek conciliation with you, or compromise, but recognise you as the enemy affording us concessions to placate and subdue our rebellion, as bathed in the blood of the imperialist adventure of WW1 which Labour supported, of the striking workers in India you shot, of those you slaughtered in Iraq, of the striking dockers you mobilized the army to suppress, of those suffering in the NHS under the privatisation you inaugurated.  We expect nothing from you; we demand nothing.  We will demonstrate, disrupt, strike, occupy, blockade, sabotage, organize, and take it for ourselves.

We expect nothing from you.  You have always been our enemy.

Solfed Milliband


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