Announcing: Term 3 Public Meeting


Warwick for Free Education are hosting a public meeting at the start of Term 3.

The goal of the meeting is to bring together a broad range of free education supporters from across the Warwick community (and further abroad). We want to welcome everyone: students, staff, long time WFFE-ers, and people who’ve never been involved before.

Please spread this information in your departments/friend groups and so on.

Facebook event

“Monday 27th April (week 2, term 3) // 5.30pm // Room TBC

During the events of Cops off Campus and the Rootes Occupation in December, Free Ed activists presented a series of demands which were unilaterally rejected by university management. Not only did university management refuse to engage with or support students in the wake of unprecedented circumstances, they also purchased a drastic injunction effectively banning all subsequent occupation-style protests on campus in an attempt to yet further confine and delegitimize opposition and dissent at Warwick Ltd.

On Thursday 12th March, WFFE engaged in an independent summit on protest which was organised in response to the events that occurred on campus in December. We took part in order not only to defend the right to protest, but to emphasise the necessity of the struggle to free education, and challenge representatives from university management and West Mids police on the violent and repressive measures undertaken at their hands in response to dissent on campus.

Footage of the summit can be found here:

The summit was a powerful expression for WFFE, and we have a lot to discuss following a successful Spring term and the great outcome at the summit and subsequent sit-in.

Whilst our weekly meetings are open-attendance, this meeting in particular is especially important in order to discuss and reflect on our trajectory, and formulate new demands and plans for the Summer term and beyond. Come along combabes!”


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