Warwick Anti-Racism Society Support LSE Occupation

This is a statement from the Warwick Anti-Racism society in support of the LSE occupation. You can keep up to date with the occupation via their facebook and twitter.   



This morning sees the Vera Suite of the Old Building occupied by various student groups and activists. The occupation will be open at 11am and is planned to last until Thursday evening. The occupation will involve workshops and lectures to freely share knowledge.

The purpose of the occupation is to directly resist the current oppressive university structure- one where the curriculum does not reflect its diverse student body, market interests shape the university more than students themselves, and workers are bound in oppressive zero hour contracts. The occupation calls on management to divest from exploitative organisations, including companies that are making profit from the Israeli state’s illegal and racist occupation of Palestine. They also demand for the School to not implement the Counter Terrorism Bill, a bill that simply runs on the principle of targeting Muslim students who would dare dissent in any shape or form. You can find more of their demands here-https://www.facebook.com/notes/occupy-lse-free-university-of-london/why-we-are-occupying/404349579725976

We, the Warwick Anti Racism Society, support all of the demands of the occupiers and we salute our brothers, sisters and non binary siblings for holding the principles of democracy, equality and liberation at the heart of their occupation.

Right here at Warwick, our students are attacked with CS spray [1] for discussing Free Education. Our water machines come from companies that operate on illegally occupied land [2]. Our Vice Chancellor calls students that dare protest what THEIR university looks like ‘yobs’ [3] Our curriculum does not reflect its diverse student body, and our institution does little to nothing to eradicate the problem that there are only 17 black female professors in the UK. [4]

The Warwick Anti Racism Society therefore stands in solidarity with students occupying and can only echo their demands.

Long live the Free University of London!

[1] = https://warwick4freeducation.wordpress.com/…/police…/
[2] = http://www.waronwant.org/…/17122-dont-drink-stolen
[3] = https://warwick4freeducation.wordpress.com/…/video…/
[4] = http://www.independent.co.uk/…/uk-study-finds-just-17

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One thought on “Warwick Anti-Racism Society Support LSE Occupation

  1. *Woops, formatting error*

    “our students are attacked with CS spray [1] for discussing Free Education”.
    You seem to have a little problem with the truth here. Also citing the same site that you post this on… really?
    ‘Attacked […] for discussing Free Education’ – no probably not.
    ‘Attacked’ – still no.
    ‘Sprayed with CS for impeding a police investigation into the assault of a staff member’ – dingdingding we have a winner!
    Personally I find it horrific that you would attempt to defend those who tried to prevent an innocent victim of assault from getting justice.

    “Our Vice Chancellor calls students that dare protest what THEIR university looks like ‘yobs’”
    You might be taking this out of context just a tad. Having watched the video the people he was commenting on were certainly acting like yobs.

    “Our curriculum does not reflect its diverse student body”
    I am paying £9000 a year for a physics degree to learn physics. I am not paying that so I can listen to whatever rubbish you want to preach as part of my degree curriculum.
    ‘Sorry your Electromagnetic Theory lecture was canceled, we thought it was more important for you to have this lecture on Gender Roles’ – No Thank You!

    Shame on WARS for this shoddy piece of populist nonsense. The constant attempts to force ideals that do not resonate with the majority of the student body is absolutely disturbing. Worse still is level of bile, abuse and coercion that is thrown at anybody who dares to disagree – it clearly shows the level of integrity and viability that this so called ‘Movement’ has.

    Also, I thought I’d let you know that ‘citations’ 2 and 4 are broken…


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