‘Free Education’ (poem)

Anonymous Warwick Student


They say we are free here to do as we will
Yet you better be able to pay them the bill
And there’s so many meaningless things we must do
Our lives aren’t really free and you know that it’s true.
They say that we’re free and a knowledgeable nation
But they still won’t give me a free education.

They say that at school there’s no child left behind
But right now school’s a box that will stifle the mind.
When play turns to work and they take out the fun
That’s how they ensure no real learning gets done.
A restrictive curriculum with no choice of vocation
But I won’t let school stop my free education.

They say our universities are the best
But to get in you better pass the test
And pay an extortionate tuition fee
And with these narrow subjects this learning’s not free.
The unis are falling to commercialisation
But I won’t let capitalism stop my free education.

They say lifelong learning’s a buzzword today
Yet all life long we work just to bring home some pay
Eight hours a day and for five days a week
But you’re lucky you’re working, so be grateful and meek.
At the end of a work day all we want’s relaxation
But I won’t let a job stop my free education.

So take to the libraries, take to the street
And share what you know with the people you meet
Put your knowledge online for whoever to find
They can’t take away our freedom of mind.
I have found a conclusion, a new revelation:
We can take for ourselves our own free education!


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