We Will Not Be Silenced

A statement in support of the Warwick 3 by Luke Pilot – Luke is the newly elected Welfare and Campaigns Officer Warwick SU 15-16.

occupation 3

The news that bail conditions for the Warwick 3 have now been revoked is very welcome. After the abhorrent abuse of our fellow students by Police officers back in December, the extreme and unnecessary nature of their bail conditions was more than adding insult to injury, it was a blatant disregard of their well being and an oppressive tool to prevent these students continuing to peacefully plan and organise a campaign against tuition fees.

The support for the Warwick 3 has been phenomenal and is no doubt partly to thank for their determination and strength over the past few months. The Warwick 3 have been admirable and it is fantastic to fully welcome them back into our community on campus and to see them join their comrades in the Free Education campaign once again. While the next few months will be difficult in the build up to their trial in July, I have faith in their resolve to remain strong throughout and I encourage the rest of our community to show their support for the Warwick 3. It is imperative that we demonstrate we will not be bullied into silence on matters that are important to us and so many others. It is essential we continue to plan and rally and campaign on these matters, show our strength and show we will not be silenced.

Solidarity with the Warwick 3.


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