Warwick Refuse to Answer Questions about ‘No Confidence’ Nigel’s pay

Nigel hogtie

A University and College Union (UCU) report has today revealed that Warwick has evaded answering a Freedom of Information request about Sir ‘No Confidence’ Nigel’s pay.

Despite an overwhelming vote of no confidence by Warwick SU indicating that there is a huge amount of concern about his pay amongst the student body, it should come as no surprise that the university refuse to illuminate us as to how Nigel’s £348k figure is reached.

The university repeatedly refuse to engage in debate or discussion.

They may talk about ‘peaceful protest’, ‘democratic channels’ and ‘community’, but when it comes down to it they are only too happy to hide in their securitised University House offices, far away from angry students and staff who want answers.

The report, entitled ‘Transparency at the top? Senior pay and perks in UK universities’ revealed not only that VC’s are paid an ever increasingly huge amount, but also the scale of expenses and subsides which go alongside massive pay packets.

UCU’s demands are as follows:

  • Minutes of remuneration committees to be made publicly available, including detailed reasoning for pay increases
  • Staff and student representatives on every remuneration committee
  • The publication of an annual list of the pay and benefits of vice-chancellors in all institutions who receive public funding

These forms of transparency and democracy are the very least we can demand.

The idea that a university should be run by an unelected VC, propped up by a jargon-infested cadre of middle managers and neoliberal apparatchiks is – at very best – a farce.

We need students and staff to run the university together in the interests of themselves and society at large.


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