SOLIDARITY with the Univeristeit Van Amsterdam Occupation!

Six days ago, On the 12th of February, over 100 students from a range of organisations including De Nieuwe Universisteit, Schuldegeneratie, Spinhuis Collectief, Humanities rally, Ons Kritisch Altenatief and more occupied an entire faculty building at the Univeristeit Van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam).

Their demands will be familiar to anyone who knows the problems facing students in the neoliberal university:

  1. Democratic election of the university board
  2. Change of the allocation model: finance based on input, not on efficiency
  3. Cancellation of the current Profiel 2016
  4. Referendums per institute and programme about collaboration between the UvA and the VU at the FNWI (Faculty of Science)
  5. Fixed contracts instead of flexible staff appointments
  6. An open debate about housing costs in relation to budget cuts of research and education.

Warwick for Free Education wants to express our total solidarity with the occupiers. We hope they win their demands, and that this action is part of an ongoing process of resistance against the commodification of education. The National Campaign Against Feeds and Cuts have also extended their solidarity to the occupation.

We understand that a very close friend, combabe and illustrious Warwick alumni is in the occupation, and in particular we want to congratulate them on spreading disorder wherever they go.

International solidarity between student movements is essential if we want to mount a general challenge to the ways in which education is being attacked. Student movements in the UK, the Netherlands, Mexico, Quebec, Hong Kong, The U.S., Nigeria, Australia and elsewhere all share the same desire: to liberate education.

If we can help in any way, just let us know.

More information can be found (in a mixture of Dutch and English) on the occupiers’ website and social media:

TW: @BungehuisBezet

FB: De Nieuwe Universiteit – voor een democratische universiteit


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