Liam Byrne Supports Free Education?

NCAFC activists recently talked to Liam Byrne, and got him to admit support for Free Education.

This is hardly that radical given the overwhelming student support for a Free Education system funded by taxing wealth and corporations.

But despite this abstract ‘support’, Liam is committed to pretending that Free Education is impossible. This is because such an education system would the very narrow neoliberal parameters which the post-Blair Labour party seem so keen to conform to.

Instead, Labour are pushing a reduction of fees to 6k followed (at some point in the far future) by a graduate tax system.This blog on Novara wire summarises the issues surrounding a grad tax well. To put it simply, a graduate tax is not and will never be Free Education, it is more a shuffling of fiscal responsibility and a muddying of the waters.

We need to push politicians to see outside of the narrow confines of austerity thinking, and accept that there is huge support behind radical policy change. The NCAFC National demo in Byrne’s Birmingham constituency on the 28th of March should hopefully help him realise that these options are viable.

brum national demo

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