Arrestees have Bail Conditions Extended

The three people arrested on December 3rd in the Senate House sit in today had their bail conditions further extended. They have been on bail for over a month, unable to see each other, unable to come onto campus for anything other than scheduled lectures, and unable to attend any demonstrations.

They have yet to be charged with any offence, and have still had no opportunity to prove their innocence.

Their bail conditions now extend to mid-February.

WFFE supporters accompanied them to Coventry Central police station to show our solidarity in the continued face of police repression.

As a Guardian investigation in December 2014 revealed, this situation is not unique, as the police regularly use bail conditions to punish protesters without trial and attempt to repress political movements.

This is a deliberate attempt to make their lives worse and force them into a situation where they will no longer protest. This will not succeed, and we will continue to support each other.

bail 1

As Luke, one of the arrestees, said:

“The stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil of the past few months have today been renewed, in a completely tactical political move to repress dissent and bludgeon and traumatize into submission those who peacefully confront the structural violence of our social order. It is to disconnect me from my campus, isolate me from a caring and wonderful activist community, and to inflict me with the fear that if I do not conceptualize my educational experienced as a unilateral, functional transaction of study for market opportunity, if I express myself or act in such a way that is too subversive, I can and will be violently arrested. They have succeeded in inflicting this fear, they have succeeded in ensuring I dread going to campus every day, but they will not succeed – not now, nor ever – in subduing my will to struggle. I express my utmost solidarity towards those who attended the police station with us today, to those arrested with me, and to all those who have contributed towards this fight – you provide me with a strength no cop nor university manager can suppress and I love you all.”


One thought on “Arrestees have Bail Conditions Extended

  1. Great article people, I understand the IPCC are now investigating independently and you have Solicitors backing you šŸ™‚

    Luke and the others arrested: I read your blog article and your comments on this article with heartfelt sympathy but also admiration for you standing your ground šŸ™‚ Stay strong and don’t fear, concentrate on the studies you are paying for and don’t let them screw you out of that either!


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