Announcing: Thrifty’s Payday Party!

On Thursday 15th Jan, our beloved Vice Chancellor Sir Nigel Thrift will have already earned more this year than the lowest paid employee at the University does in an entire year.

Warwick for Free Education are holding a party for Nigel to celebrate this wonderful milestone as Nigel works his way towards his full annual salary of £348,000.

People have been tough on poor old Nige in the past.

They’ve said that a ‘left wing’ academic shouldn’t be hoovering up a managerial super salary of £348,000 and calling the police on his own students. They have said that successive pay rises (16k this year, 42k the year before) whist staff face 15% real terms pay cuts is an insult. They have said that the injunction he bought for tens of thousands of pounds is nothing more than an authoritarian protest ban. They have said that his barefaced lies in the wake of police brutality at Senate House last term show that he is unfit to run a university.

We think that’s jolly unfair. Nigel is a nice chap, and we want to celebrate that.

So join us on Thursday 15th to reaffirm just how great our VC is, and how he is worth every penny.

P.S. Party Hats not CS Gas

Thurs 15th 4pm outside Senate House

nigels payday party

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