Support our Arrested Friends!

As many will know, during the abhorrent events that took place on 3rd December 2014, when activists demonstrating for free education were brutally assaulted by the police and University security, 3 of our beautiful comrades were arrested. Alistair, for allegedly “assaulting a security guard”, and Dan and Luke for supposedly “obstructing a police officer”.

We refuse to acknowledge these police actions as anything but illegitimate acts of state oppression. These totally unsubstantiated claims have been used divisively time and time again by the University management to try to undermine and silence the movement. We will not stand for this.

Although everyone present suffered that day, what these three have beenput through is beyond horrific. At the time of the arrests they were subjected to a disgusting level of violence and aggression at the hands of the police and University security. Collectively, they were thrown to the floor, grabbed in headlocks, kneed in the face and had tasers held to their backs. Since their arrests, they have had outrageous bail conditions enforced on them. This means they have essentially been banned from organising and participating in activism at Warwick and in the local area. They have even been banned from contacting each other. Although the chain of events that followed the attack on 3rd December have been powerful and inspiring, Warwick For Free Education have felt a huge hole in their activism without the presence of our wonderful comrades, and we must not forget that their rights and welfare have been viciously attacked by what has happened.

We also want to make it clear that we could not have achieved everything that took place at the end of last term without our unbelievable network of support, both here at Warwick and beyond, of which these three comrades are an invaluable part. That is why it is our duty and obligation to reciprocate the solidarity that has been shown to us by offering them our unyielding support.

Alistair, Dan and Luke have been summoned to Coventry Central Police Station at 3pm on Monday 12th January, where a further decision will be made on their case. It is totally unclear what will happen. Bail conditions may be dropped, they may be extended. This is a very difficult time for them, but it is fundamental that they know they are not alone, and that their struggle is our struggle too.

So join us outside the station at 2:30pm for a peaceful and non-disruptive show of solidarity; to not only offer our support as friends and comrades, but also to take a stand against state repression and show that we cannot and will not be silenced.


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