How do we Respond? Public Meeting

nigel cops on campus

Last term saw an unprecedented level of student anger on campus.

Following attacks on protesters holding a sit in at Senate House we rallied to support one another, and a huge demonstration – quite possibly the biggest Warwick has ever seen – of 1000 students the next day then led to an occupation, with 150 people taking a section on the top floor of the Rootes building.

This occupation continued after the end of term. We attempted to negotiate with management, but their response was to bully and ignore us. The protest came to an end finally, 8 days after the #copsoffcampus demo, when an injunction was granted to the university. This injunction serves as an INDEFINITE ban on “occupation-style protests” at the university.

This injunction cost tens of thousands of pounds, and it specifically named students involved in Warwick For Free Education in an attempt to recover these costs from them. Thankfully this failed, but the university’s intention is clear: if they cannot pepper spray us off campus, then they will use protest bans and the threat of legal costs to intimidate us.

We call on everyone who supported us to come and contribute to a meeting where we will share information about our situation and decide on how we will respond the university’s ongoing attempts at intimidation and fight for Free Education.

We are entering another phase of the campaign, and we want your help.

The meeting will take place on Friday the 9th, 5.30pm, on campus, specific location tbc

FB event here:

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