Black Girl Speak

Black mothers know well how to grieve dead children. We die, from curable diseases, from poverty, from police violence, in a world where skin tone determines our life chances. On Tuesday morning a Grand Jury in St Louis, Missouri, as expected, decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for murdering the unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Wilson joins a long line of white American officials who have taken black lives with impunity. In response, white liberals tweet #blacklivesmatter and profess their solidarity. All too often, this solidarity rings hollow.

The unspoken reality is that black bodies are necessarily threatening in this racial hierarchy, not just to avowed racists. Within hours of Michael Brown’s murder, the police released footage aiming to depict him as a criminal. The liberal media response was telling. Sympathetic outlets rushed to decry claims of his criminality, and a lengthy battle began over the dead teen’s image…

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