Casual Labour and the Freedom to Protest

It has come to our attention that the university, by closing down unaffected parts of the Rootes building during the occupation, has not only withdrawn work from the many employees, but also – most despicably – refused to pay them.

We emphasise the utter heartlessness of this decision at this time of year, and note that whilst the university is willing to spend thousands of pounds to curtail the freedom to protest through buying an injunction, it is not willing to pay its lowest paid workers for work it has taken from them.

We realise this is a tactic, a political strategy designed to set in opposition the two groups of people most affected by the universities mismanagement, profligacy, and profit mongering. We reject this completely. We call on the university to pay its workers what they deserve.

We call on the university to end its outsourcing of labour (through its wholly owned subsidiary ‘Unitemps’) and give workers proper contracts, wages and rights, and we invite workers at this university (many of whom are students, and many of whom have been involved in this protest) to join us in our collective struggle against the management who see it fit to brutalise students and lock them out of their campus, and take away work and pay from those who most need it.

These are both acts of violence, and to win we must fight back together.

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