Occupation expands!

Warwick for Free Education is pleased to announce that we have occupied the whole of the top floor of the Rootes Building, come and join of us! Our occupation has expanded and with it we have taken tables, chairs and pink chiffon!

Love and Solidarity,

The Occupiers ❤ xxxxxxx

3 thoughts on “Occupation expands!

  1. Giorgo here, I’m one of the organisers of Socialist Students in Liverpool. We did a campaign stall on Friday against tuition fees, in your honour, at Liverpool Uni. Stay strong comrades. You’re all legends.

    Long live the revolution!


  2. Hi,

    I’m Alex Davidson, Secretary of Manchester TUC and we’ve agreed the following statement in support of your actions. We’ll also be urging all our affiliated union branches to support the occupation as well.

    Manchester TUC stands in solidarity with the students occupying at Warwick University. The union movement stands for free education and an end to privatisation in higher education so we are proud to stand with students fighting for this essential right. The brutal acts of the police and university security are an attack on the democratic right to protest which all trade unionists must defend.

    In Solidarity,

    Alex – On behalf of Manchester TUC


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