The University have asked us to leave, here’s our response

Earlier this afternoon, we received a visit from the University’s Academic Registrar and the Head of Security. They delivered us this letter. We are very disappointed that instead of responding to our reasonable demands and entering into negotiations, they have decided to issue us a letter trying to make us leave. What this letter does confirm is that we are not doing anything illegal in being here. We counter that if the university management really does want this space back and a cease to the disruption then it is up to them: negotiate with us, respond to our demands, apologise for the disgusting violence with which students were treated.


Today the occupation again grew significantly in number and we have been overwhelmed with messages of solidarity from across the country (and even international support!)

Let’s build on our growing momentum! Come and visit our occupation and look out for our programme of events over the weekend!

#copsoffcampus #freeeducation

3 thoughts on “The University have asked us to leave, here’s our response

  1. Reblogged this on How to bruise friends and annihilate people and commented:
    A group of people making steps toward something that should be assured in a free, democratic and non-oligarchical society, in that those born to poor families have just as much of a right to education as anybody else without having to take upon themselves inordinate amounts of debt. It seems the solution offered by neoliberalist economics is to enslave any pursuing knowledge further than what lends itself to basic/entry level zero hour minimum wage employment. This effectively stunts the intellectual development of our generation and leaves us a mass of politically unrepresented drones.

    Police reactions to this PEACEFUL and LEGAL protest, including the use of chokeholds and CS gas in non-violent situations represents the need of the powers that be to silence those seeking to challenge this unfair and unjust system. Education can be available for all, tax breaks for lobbying companies have more than offset the economic advantage (if any) of the tuition fees hike. If not for the timing and the financial burden forced on me by this very system, I would be joining this amazing cause in Warwick over the coming weeks.

    Stand for your generation.


  2. Explain the purpose of all wearing masks?

    And posting videos of dancing around achieves?

    Genuine questions – struggling to see the meaning of either!


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