Police Brutality on Warwick Campus

At the peaceful sit-in at the bottom floor of senate house police were called and reacted with extreme, disproportionate and unprovoked violence. Several police cars turned up and a police riot van as well as a police dog. We formed a human chain but they broke through using CS spray (active agent in tear gas) on many activists at close quarters, a taser gun was held up and threatened, it was also suspected to be used. Activists were punched, pushed onto the floor, dragged, rammed by their throat into the wall and kneed in the face. We were staging a peaceful protest and it was totally unprecedented; we were sitting in a circle talking in university space. At least 20 students were assaulted by university security and police. Three arrests were made, please do arrestee support if you would so wish. They have been taken to Coventry central police station. THIS IS OUR UNIVERSITY! COPS OFF CAMPUS!

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12 thoughts on “Police Brutality on Warwick Campus

  1. This is obscene. When I was a student at Warwick (in 2000 i think) we held a 7 hour occupation of senate house. The police were not called and we were allowed our right to peaceful protest. (We were persuaded to leave with false assurances, but that’s another story.) Has the criminalisation of protest really gone this far? What next, send in the army? What is the university teaching its students about civic participation by its actions?

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  2. I write as a parent of a Warwick student, shocked at what I have seen and heard. There can have been no possible justification for what are very clearly assaults made by police officers. As it happens I fully support your cause, but even if I didn’t I would urge you to stand up for your right to protest.
    Here’s a suggestion. Persuade as many students as you can to write (by which I mean letter, envelope, stamp, no email address) to their MPs and MEPs asking, perhaps, what view they take of the police’s actions, and whether they believe in the right of protest within the democratic process. They will be compelled to reply, (by letter, envelope, stamp, so something of a nuisance), and the results should be interesting, especially if the numbers are large.
    Best of luck, Peter Hutchinson.

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